A Welcome from our Pastor

Hello and Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus!

On behalf of the members of First Baptist Church of Dillwyn, welcome to our website! We are a happy and blessed family of faith! I hope you get some idea of who we are, and if you are looking for a church home or are just passing through, I invite you to visit us!

While we live in a “virtual” age, FBC must be personally experienced! There is a dynamic about the church’s purpose and fellowship that cannot be condensed into memes, images, graphics, or words on social media or a website. Those who attend quickly find authentic friendships, spiritual growth, and development, along with life-changing opportunities for service. In style and substance, members and those who attend FBC seek to create together with God’s help, a non-judgmental atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love. I am very thankful to share my faith with First Baptist Church of Dillwyn. This church is a very faithful and caring congregation and I invite you to come and worship with us. Here with this fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior we can serve God and each other together.

Rev. Glynn A. Coleman, Interim Pastor

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