Thanks for visiting FBC’s website. Here you’ll find some very basic information about us. Since 1903 the Dillwyn First Baptist Church, located at a country crossroads in Buckingham, Virginia, has been at work. We are a fellowship of Baptist Christians who are growing in our Christ-like love for each other and for the world around us. Church buildings and programs mean very little unless love abounds.

For that very reason, this website is limited in its capacity to convey who we really are even in a virtual age. It gives information which is vital, but it does not provide the means for salvation or transformation. That is why FBC must be experienced. Love, warmth, and non-judgmental acceptance of authentic fellowship are transformational and gives opportunity to share the love of God, through Jesus, who offers salvation. It is our hope that learning and loving, serving and worshipping become the means of life-giving change as we encounter a living Savior together. We have witnessed that individual potential is discovered and lived out only in a community of believers who share their successes and struggles, joys and sorrows.

Thanks again for viewing our website. We hope the information you find will be helpful with decisions of eternal significance.

We are a family of faith focused on following Jesus and His teaching of loving God and loving all people. We are a house of healing, not a hotel for saints.

How You Can Get Involved

Visit Us

Come to our in person Sunday worship or enjoy our message from the comfort of your home via our YouTube channel and Facebook page, or listen in live on WVHL 92.9 fm at 11:00a.m.

Join In

We believe that every believer is able to serve in ministry and missions. We seek to encourage, equip and empower all believers to serve in places of need where they feel called to serve.

Consider Giving

World, National, State and Local missions are a part of the ministries of FBC, which are supported by tithes and offerings according to Biblical teaching. We believe God blesses each giver, regardless of the amount (Deut. 16:17; Malachi 3:10; Acts 20:35).


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